Momiji Project

Japan-UK exchange programmes

"Momiji" is the Japan-UK exchange programme for the people with disabilities and people without disabilities.

The big event of the introduction of Japan called "Japan festival" was performed in the whole land of the U.K. in 1991, I regarded it as a good opportunity and began this projects.

1991 (the 1st) 50 people with disabilities and young people without disabilities visited the U.K. from Japan.

1992 (the 2nd) In the occasion when a British members visited Japan walked Kamakura.

1997 (the 3rd) Stayed in Oxford University for three days, we received a lecture and visited the hospice for children.

1998 (the 4th) British group enjoyed Osaka and Nara with Osaka Branch members, and in Tokyo they joined an event of the 75th anniversary of Junior Red Cross was able to exchange with the young people of participation other countries.

2001 (the 5th) Members were made a programme in Hyde Park of London and performed the concert in Windsor castle.

2002 (the 6th) I took a team of electric wheelchair soccer to Japan.

2004 (the 7th) I was able to do the "Momiji concert" again in Windsor castle.

2005 (the 8th) It was 15th anniversary of "Momiji" and I took intractable disease patients of the children's hospice "Helen & Douglas House" to Japan.

2009 (the 9th) Programmes were held in Tokyo and Osaka. I was visited Japan with patients from "Helen & Douglas House".